Take Everything to Him

In the course of the year back in America, there have been many times of joy or tears in relation to the teaching aspect and that of the relationships I have with the students here. The first few months of the school year, I often wondered (at least a couple times a week) if this was the field that Father really wanted me to be a part of. It took some harsh, but loving, words from my wife to start the path back toward one of being in tune with Father. She told me that I had to get over it sometime soon, and the only way to do that was to talk with Father and learn from Him how to approach work, the students, and other problems in life that I was facing. Things would work out much better if I would just take the time, all the time, to talk with Father about everything that was going on in my life. It was difficult to imagine telling Him everything because of being extroverted and feeling as if I needed to express a lot of feelings and thoughts regarding various situations. (Not like this is easy for introverts either, ha!)

Through the numerous days with Father this school year, He has shown me that He wanted me in this American school for a few reasons. The reasons weren’t clear to me at first, and as Rick Warren tweeted, “The only way to the Promised Land is through the wilderness, #DontGiveUp”. I do not promise that if you don’t know why you are somewhere, Father will show you the reasons. What I do know and believe is that staying in continual communication with Him will guide you to a place of peace that truly we don’t and won’t understand. And nothing in this world will give you that same peace, nothing. For a long while now, my wife and I have experienced this peace through joy in our work. We have been thankful for the chance to work and give glory to our Father, to be with our co-workers and the students, and the opportunities that we have had to share His name and truth with them. Obviously, not everyday is abounding in joy, as there will be days of trials. This is how it has been since the beginning of man. There is nothing new. (Side note: If you’re a parent, make sure your child doesn’t believe that work is evil, it’s good to complain about it, or that others are the source of our problems. Read Genesis.)

All of these previous thoughts remind me of Joshua 9 where the Gibeonite Deception took place. Verse 14 says, “So the men took some of their provisions, but did not ask counsel from [Father].” (Side note: Read Joshua 9 for the context of the story.) It was this “small” instance that Joshua, nor any of his men, took the situation to Father. We should take everything to Him. If you have a bad thought about a neighbor, co-worker, anyone… take the thought to Him. If you are about to say something to a particular person, take the words to Him. If there are open doors for your future, take them to Him. If you struggle with communicating with a certain someone, take your mind to Him. If you are confused about where you are presently, take your heart and strength to Him. Of course, there are more steps to take after consulting with Father, but this should always be the first step. Give it all up to Him.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-19
Matthew 6:5-15


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