Dear Mama

To the one who will never give up on life or her man

Is the mother God has given me within His great plan

You have sought out God, close friends and family

To run this race because you know you need Him daily

You have a listening ear and thoughts that need shared

When listening to you, I can sense how much you infinitely care

You want to grow with Father and have us boys on the right path

Even if that means we don’t shower, so you spray us for a bath

Life has been hard, you two have lived your many trials

But God gives us Asics so that we can run our miles

With Pops, you have had gifts, hugs and a couple decks

Also with him, to make us boys, you have had… wrestling

Through the good and bad, you have faithfully stayed by his side

Ready at home late, eating supper at eight, you strive to abide

Work has been tough for you, too, that we all can tell

But remember, you represent heaven, not the pathetic hell

Over thirty years, you have spent time as a mother

Taking care of me and my two better brothers

I’m sure, with every hug; parenting has had its worth

From breaking up fights to my high-flying kick birth

At times, I have pondered how much you loved us as boys

The thoughts have fled, as it can’t be measured, even in toys

Taking care of the house, now doing our old chores

Picking only Pops’ zits, as we deal with our own pores

Pictures remind you of the times that have past

In our hearts, please know, they will forever last

Though nights will come, our spirits will dawn

Though we have all left, we will not ever be gone

We are in your heart. That none of us have ever truly doubted

With the love that God gave, to us you have always watered

Thank you, God, for giving me my one and only mother

Thank you, I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t, ask for any other


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