The Source

I’ll admit. I read the news. I check out BBC and Flipboard to know what’s happening around the world and to keep up to date on America. There are certain things I stray away from while reading so I don’t become too depressed, but for the most part the stories, it seems, almost try to have an appealing sense about them. There have been horrible events recently such as: the Boston bombing, the earthquakes in China, the tornadoes in Oklahoma, & the building collapse in Bangladesh. One’s heart breaks knowing that others are suffering for reasons unknown. But these stories draw me in as a viewer, as a person who’s interested in knowing more… more… more! I want to know the details. I want to share what I know with my co-workers and keep conversations going. I want to be the most up-to-date on what’s going on and be the go-to-guy for details. Seriously…? Why? Why am I so curious?

These thoughts flooded in one right after another one morning when I caught myself reading the world news on my iPad to the left and our Father’s book in paper form to my right. It was then that it struck me. Which news do I rely on for my source in life, the world news or the Good News? What network keeps me going throughout the day, only others’ grief or the fulfillment of our Father’s Word? It was then that I closed the iPad and focused more on reading His Word, listening to Him, and meditating on who He wants me to be. Who does He want me to be? What does our Father want for me to do? When it comes to reading the news, I start to feel sympathetic regarding each specific situation since I’ve never been involved in something of the like, and I desire just to simply know more about the story. But when I take in His Word, I start to sense real sympathy from the truth and love that He gave when He gave His one and only Son to die for us. It is through this fact, not fiction, that I crave to know Him more and to tell others about this news.

I want to memorize His words, not the words of writers who juggle lies and truth (and not that all mean to, mind you). I want to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20), not spread falsehood through my workplace or the world. I want others to know more about our Father and spend time with Him rather than pass the time by reading the local, national and world news for hours upon end. To know people, listen and get to know them personally, if you are able to. It is through the conversations about each other that we are able to learn, grow & understand together. It is then that we are able to connect and pass the Word on: Jesus came so that all may have life and that this joy may come through the confession of His name and the grace in our actions to others. The Son said that we are to make disciples, not converts. Therefore, look for those around you that you could be intentional with. Be ready to speak of the hope that is in you (1 Peter 3:13-17). Novelty doesn’t need to run our lives.

Who or what is your source of life?


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