Getting Prepared

(If you can’t view the video in your email, watch the clip here.)

When it comes to preparing for China this August, little did we know until last week that a physical would be in store. After finishing that up and submitting it to the school we will work at, it is now time to wait for Letters of Invitation. No worries, we will have another physical after we arrive in the country, but we’ll see how that goes. And yes, one needs to be invited to China in order to work there (fascinating, eh?). All seems to be going well, and I am becoming more and more pumped as the days are counting down to returning to the same city, same school; yes, we will even be in the same apartment building with the Yellow Sea out our back window.

“Tough life…” you say with sarcasm.

The truth is, it can and will be at times, as it would be anywhere in this world. Such is life, but we are greatly looking forward to being back where we were because we believe it is where we need to be. When the reason for doing something is right, then the preparation and the process are much more meaningful. The thing is now, though, not to overthink the situation too much because I don’t want to have as long of a honeymoon stage this time. Sort of like in marriage, newlyweds who are just married want to spend every waking moment of everyday with each other. Well, when you are fascinated with a novel culture and diverse people, you take it in and enjoy every second of it… then reality hits you. Yeah, that’s the honeymoon stage in a nutshell. It is this and other various items that we are thinking through and prepping for (however much we can, that is, ha!). I just want to move there & live the first year being able to say, as many times as I can,

“I was prepared!”


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