To the future…

We are on our way!

The first hop we took was a “27-minute trip” from Fort Wayne, IN to Detroit, MI, where we are currently. We are in the process of waiting around 3 hours until we board our next flight to Shanghai. The languages have changed already within just the airport. The voices of people speaking Japanese and Chinese precede the English-speaking lady who seems to be the voice of every American airport. There are five languages now. Wow… (Side note: I wonder if that lady is still alive and if she ever cringes at her own voice? Someone Cha-cha that, please.)

The initial fascination of seeing other ethnicities rises in me after living a year in a town 30 minutes southwest of Fort Wayne, which is comprised of 97% white. There is a group of 3 Korean men: one sleeping, another on his phone, and another probably fulfilling his morning needs that may just consist of a walk for the good ol’ legs that need movement before boarding in 3 hours from now. Whoa! There, he is. It was a walk. How about that? And on the phone he goes while sitting in front of another Korean girl who smiles once in a while for some odd, or even, reason. It is to be determined. Another American couple has joined the ranks down the line, and they chomp down on some nice morning grub and discuss something that doesn’t take much verbally for the man who is consistently nodding his head while chewing. Or is this how the American man speaks now? This is to be determined, too. Oh, airport, you give me mixed pictures of life.

IMG_0285(Above: This is the enlightening tunnel between where we arrived and where we will load onto next. If the lights were a tad bit faster and if we had techno music, this could be a ball.)

As my wife is off walking, I am left at our seats, black and upright, thinking about how our apartment might look after getting in Monday night @ 10:30pm Beijing Time. Will we have to do much work or will things be set up? Either way, I think I should be ready to pass out after 30+ hours of travel. My wife will undoubtedly agree.

Before the FW flight, a woman asked where we were going. I responded, “We teach in China. We were there two years previously as well.”

“Oh, so you have an idea of what it’s like…?” I answered positively, but at the same time, I agreed mentally. I have an idea, and the idea is all I have because who knows what the urbanizing city that we live in will be like. We have heard stories about roads being paved, a subway going in, and nationals being forced to move in order for the buildings to increase. The part of the city beforehand seemed to be booming not too far off from our apartment, but as locals tell us now, there have been high-rising apartment structures appearing left and right. We shall see what the future holds… and it seems to be the future, at this point, simply because we will be 12 hours ahead of you EST people before the time falls back. So if you want to know what the future holds, just ask… because even though it may be a little foggy (smoggy?), life still goes on. And we’re looking forward to it.


3 thoughts on “To the future…

  1. Jon and Pam are right! You’re developing some of your Dad’s good qualities! Wonder where they came from?? So happy and praise Him for your safe arrival. Love ya, G’ma

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