No Electricity, No Water… No School!

The school was informed yesterday from a local bureau that the electricity and water for our district would be turned off on Wednesday from 8am-3:30pm. District doesn’t mean our school and others, like many Americans may think. A district here is sort of like a county inside of a state.

A teacher first told me about the possibility of school being cancelled in the early afternoon after his wife, a secretary for our school, passed on the word to him. After he said what could happen, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We already had Monday off because of the Tomb Sweeping Festival (清明节), and now another day of vacation in the middle of the week?? Not too long after hearing my friend mention the possible course of action, I saw him again. “Any update?” I asked excitedly.

“They’re meeting now.” Right then and there, I saw a few administrators, along with the head of our cafeteria, walk briskly to the same meeting room. It didn’t take very long at all for them to adjourn and walk out with the announcement.

“明天休息吧!” (Tomorrow, have a rest!) Was this really happening? Indeed, it was. And it did! The international school on campus cancelled as well.

Therefore, we (a friend and I) went to McDonald’s for breakfast and then moved to a Starbuck’s to do some lesson planning. We completed some necessary work, had some laughs, and paused for quality discussions. Come 1pm, we thought it would be a good idea to grab lunch. You ever have those times where you don’t want to try something new because then the mood could be spoiled? Hence, we headed to a Western restaurant where we ordered burgers and salads on the side for the healthy bites to rotate in like the 1st line on a hockey team.

IMG_1661(The “Ring of Fire,” which had more rings than fire.)

Any influential teacher that has been in education knows that flexibility is among the top 3-5 mandatory qualities that should be passed on to your students. What strikes me though is the way this whole situation went down. I guess last year, so I’ve been told, the same thing happened. At another point though, the school was informed ahead of time so teachers were instructed not to use any technology on that day. This week was like the former. What in the world…? Sorry to say, the workers tending to our school’s dry ground didn’t have a day of rest.

Any person who has lived in China for a longer duration of time knows that not understanding is among the top 3-5 qualities that should be passed on to newbies. Let’s just be honest and say that there are times when we can’t possibly comprehend what’s happening. Some of those instances are “Seriously? moments” while others are “Definitely! moments.” The ones that throw you off have a mix of the two because you don’t know what to think, the two are interchanging too often, or there’s an imbalance. The weight shifted only a couple times for me with this situation, and let’s just say that this day off in the middle of the week definitely needed to happen.


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