An Island That Likes to Sing

I gave my 8th grade English Club an assignment that incorporated a Silly Starter, an assortment of options for the most random prompts (see the pic below). The main idea this time was to “Write a silly story about an island that likes to sing.”


The following is my chosen favorite. The student thankfully agreed to let me post this. 😉

An Island That Likes to Sing

Once upon a time, there was no ocean and all the islands were on the ground. There was an island. This island was a special island because it could sing songs. Animals liked it very much because it could change their feelings.
One day, a little fish fought with her best friend and she was very angry so she went to found the island and told her what should she do. The island sang a song. Then, she knew what should she do and then, the little fish said sorry to her best friend. A mother fish lost her baby in an accident. She was so sad that she couldn’t stop crying. She went to found the island and hoped to got some advice. Then the island sang a song to tell her that she shouldn’t cry all the time. She should try to find her baby. The mother fish tried her best to found her baby and finally, she found it. The island became more and more popular. And some people knew this island, they wanted to steal this island and let it sing songs to them every day. But the island didn’t want to leave the animals and the animals didn’t want to leave the island, either. They decide to protect the island. But at last, people got the island. The island was so sad that she had a sore throat and couldn’t sing anymore. She could just crying. And she cried all the day and finally, her teir (tears) became the ocean.

When the student finished, I almost cried. Sure there were grammar and spelling mistakes, but when a point comes across that doesn’t turn up too often, I put the mistakes aside and focus on the gold that is shining.

Sometimes, the students (5th grade included) surprise me with their creative ideas, plot development, descriptions, and new words. What really hits my heart is when some of them go below the surface. A few of my 5th graders, especially, share their hearts through their journals. Others have me laughing out loud in the office.

“I wish I could laugh like you do when I check my students’ homework,” a coworker said.

“You don’t have my students,” I replied.

Be proud of your students or children, focus on the bright spots once in a while, and take advantage of the golden moments. The next generation is coming. Be an island that likes to sing to them!


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