China to ease one-child policy

Exciting to hear, but let’s see how it rolls out.

China Daily Mail

China will ease family planning restrictions nationwide, the government said on Friday, allowing millions of families to have two children in the country’s most significant liberalisation of its strict one-child policy in about three decades.

Couples in which one parent is an only child will now be able to have a second child, one of the highlights of a sweeping raft of reforms announced three days after the ruling Communist Party ended a meeting that mapped out policy for the next decade.

The plan to ease the policy was envisioned by the government about five years ago as officials worried that the strict controls were undermining economic growth and contributing to a rapidly ageing population the country had no hope of supporting financially.

A growing number of scholars had long urged the government to reform the policy, introduced in the late 1970s to prevent population growth spiralling out of control…

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Mooncake crackdown: China’s annual Mid-Autumn Festival centrepiece banned

China Daily Mail

First baijiu, then red carpets, and now mooncakes. For Chinese government officials, the list of taboos keeps getting longer.

One month before the country celebrates its annual Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese authorities said Wednesday that they are barring officials from buying mooncakes – a centrepiece of the holiday – as well as giving presents or hosting dinners on the public dime.

Traditionally, mooncakes are gifted (and often re-gifted) as a form of tribute during the festival, exchanged among family members as well as among companies, their clients and employees. “But this kind of polite reciprocity, when overdone, becomes a kind of squandering of cash,” ran an editorial in the People’s Daily on Thursday, praising the mooncake crackdown.

About the size of a hockey puck and traditionally stuffed with anything from red bean paste to salted egg yolk, these days, the once-humble mooncake is barely recognisable. Some are now…

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香港人不是中國人 – Hongkonger is not Chinese

My Hong Kong Husband


Yesterday for Hong Kong it was 1st of July a.k.a. 香港特別行政區成立紀念日 – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day. The holiday commemorates the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region connected with annual protest made by Hongkongers against government. This year: . And to ‘celebrate’ that day I’ve decided to clear the differences between Hongkongers and Mainland Chinese. It’s not only problem of Hong Kong people, even Taiwanese people have to deal with dialogs like that:

Our friend: I’m (name), I’m from Taiwan.

His American classmate: So you’re Chinese.

Friend: No, I’m Taiwanese.

Of course from racial point of view 90% of them come from Han Chinese (漢族), it’s even majority in Singapore, not to mention it’s around 1/5 of all the people in the world. They share also…

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